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Hairy Coos, Pollok Country Park


Established 2022

I'm Irene and I have experience on both sides of the therapy space. Back in 2012 I first experienced feeling overwhelmed and found it difficult finding the right support.

I have been a qualified therapist in the CBT approach since 2022 and have worked with people in a therapeutic environment since 2020.

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland but with having an online presence, this means anyone can gain support from me.


I want to provide a safe space for all as well as continuing my professional development and gaining new skills which will be shared and updated on the CPD section.

I have regular Supervision sessions, this includes monthly one-to-one sessions, group sessions and peer sessions.

IEB Counselling qualification information



My first degree was completed in Fine Art in Aberystwyth University, Wales (2012)

I have a Post-Graduate qualification in Art Psychotherapy from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (2014)


I gained my certificated in Counselling Skills from the Centre of Therapy, Glasgow (2020)


I gained my Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork in the CBT approach from the Centre of Therapy, Glasgow (2022)


Completed a SQA Professional Development Award, Counselling for Children and Young People (2024)


An Updated list of CPD completed is under 'CPD and Training'

Work Experience

My first placement experience was with the Rape Crisis Centre in Glasgow support women who had experienced sexual and domestic abuse and offering them a safe space to talk and create which lasted from November 2012 to May 2013.

For my individual and groupwork placement experience, I primarily worked online with clients from Glasgow and Edinburgh. I worked with numerous people dealing with past and current trauma, experiences of anger and loneliness as well as depression and anxiety. My placement with Waverley Care lasted from December 2020 until June 2022.

My groupwork placement with with both Waverley Care and the Family Life Centre in Stirling.

The group ran with Waverley Care was about the CBT approach and looking at both Depression and Anxiety which lasted for three weeks in 2022.

The group ran with the Family Life Centre was 'Understanding Anxiety'. This group lasted six weeks in 2022.

I am currently working with Lifelink based in Glasgow, working on the South team but working with different venues and contracts, including Falkirk Council, Glasgow Council and the NHS. I am also helping mentor trainees that have gotten placement with Lifelink.

I was a therapist for BetterHelp but have been working more with private adult client through Counselling Directory and BACP Directory and have been working with adult and young clients from August 2023.

To see some of the areas I work in, this is under 'Work Expectations'

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